2. “I Didn’t Do It” from BOETHIUS: THE MUSICAL

“I Didn’t Do It”
Music & Lyrics by Alyssa May Gold (and Boethius)

That’s easy for you to say
Oh, yeah, sure, find the middle way
And then what? Pray, tell me
Lady Philosophy.

What am I supposed to do?
Even though I’ve created you
I’m still here in my cell
All alone in my living hell

There is a wheel going ’round, I know
But if it stops when it’s down
Tell me where do I go?

I didn’t do it
All of these things you said I did
I didn’t do
And I can prove it to you

First, Illusion of justice?
Please. I wrote the book on justice literally
It’s a real thing
Just ask the wicked non-entities

God can’t do evil
And there is nothing that
God can’t do
So evil must be nothing, too

And see see see
I prove it philosophically
Justice is no illusion
Because if you’re good you can’t be losin
And that’s all there is to it
So you see? I didn’t do it

You said I gave false hope
To the people that they’d understand
But it’s not false
It’s just simply in their hands

To see fortune’s a-changin
But if the things you lost
Really belonged to you
They’d be impossible to lose

Cause knowledge is power
So even in your darkest hour
Use your mind
Soon you’ll find

You see see see
Understanding’s so easy
I’m not being misleading
I’m straight up guaranteeing
Logic gets you through it
So you see? I didn’t do it

And as for the future virgin queen I have no regrets
May the worst thing they say about her be she enjoyed sex
If you don’t know what to
Stay put until you know you
See? It’s true

I didn’t do it
I didn’t lie
To any of you

But that won’t undo it
I’m still gonna die
It’s true

Power and self-sufficiency
Are one and the same to me
And some things result from necessity
Others from the power of me
But not these
Cause I didn’t do it.

Copyright 2012

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