Aristotle, Athens, and Alexander the Great – Philosophers in the Midst of History

This is the first in a new series of quarterly lectures and discussions, focused on understanding philosophers within their historical context, hosted by the Frank Weyenberg Library (in Mequon, WI).

This talk focuses on the interconnections between the philosopher Aristotle, the city of Athens, and the Macedonian king Alexander the Great. In the course of the talk, I discuss Aristotle’s connections with the Macedonian regime, his studies in Athens at Plato’s Academy, his tutelage of a young Alexander, Alexander’s military campaigns and cultural project, and the effects of Alexander’s demise for Aristotle in Athens.

The sessions to come will include:
Anselm of Canterbury – in May
Rene Descartes – in August
Hannah Arendt – in November

The intro music for this is Antonin Dvorak, Czech Suite, Op. 39 – I. Praeludium, and is available in the public domain at

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