Dialogue in the Dark – Scottish Philosopher David Hume and James Boswell.

Here’s the brilliant “Dialogue in the Dark” by Michael Ignatieff. A fictional meeting between Scottish Philosopher David Hume and James Boswell. Superb acting by David Rintoul as Boswell and Alec McCowen as Hume.David Hume

Born May 07, 1711
Died Aug 25, 1776 in Edinburgh from cancer
Scottish philosopher, historian, librarian and educator. Son of Joseph Hume of Ninewells (1680-1713) and Catherine Falconer (b. 1683). Brother of John Hume. A friend of Adam Smith. Member of The Poker Club.

In his own time he was most famous for having written the History of England, but is today best known as the philosopher responsible for such works as Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, A Treatise on Human Nature and An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

Life with Boswell:

Boswell first met Hume in Edinburgh in July 1758, apparently with an introductory letter (or something like that) from William Temple. In a letter to Temple of July 29, 1758, Boswell wrote “Some days ago I was introduced to your friend Mr. Hume; he is a most discreet, affable man as ever I met with, and has really a great deal of learning, and a choice collection of books. He is indeed an extraordinary man, few such people are to be met with nowadays. We talk a great deal of genius, fine language, improving our style, %c., but I am afraid, solid learning is much wore out. Mr Hume, I think, is a very proper person for a young man to cultivate an acquaintance with; though he has not, perhaps, the most delicate taste, yet he has apply’d himself with great attention to the study of the ancients, and is likewise a great historian, so that you are not only entertained in his company, but may reap a great deal of usefull instruction. I own myself much obliged to you, dear Sir, for procuring me the pleasure of his acquaintance.”

Boswell’s final conversation with Hume has been the subject of a few works of fiction, the most notable being Michael Ignatieff’s television play Dialogue in the Dark (1989) which featured David Rintoul as Boswell and Alec McCowen as Hume

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