H.L.A. Hart Interview Part Eight: Analytic Philosophy and Legal Scholarship (audio)

In 1988 H.L.A. Hart gave a wide-ranging interview to Professor David Sugarman. The interview encompassed Hart’s childhood, philosophical influences, career inside and beyond philosophy, his major philosophical work, his arguments with Lon Fuller, Patrick Devlin, and Ronald Dworkin, his views on the nature of legal philosophy and legal education, and his legacy.

To celebrate the publication of the third edition of Hart’s most famous work, The Concept of Law, OUP has remastered and released, by kind permission of Professor Sugarman, the full audio recording of the interview for the first time.

In the eighth part of the interview Hart discusses the role of analytic philosophy in social theory, the supposed hostility of analytic philosophy to ‘grand theory’, whether his work has contributed to the narrowness of legal scholarship. He also discusses his description of The Concept of Law as ‘an essay in descriptive sociology’, sociological legal theory, critical legal studies, and continental philosophy.

© David Sugarman 2012. Used with permission.

Category: Philosophy
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