Pluralist Theories of Truth

An explication of several different pluralist theories of truth and some objections to each theory. Including Discourse Pluralism, Correspondence Pluralism and Blobject Pluralism as offered by Crispin Wright, Gila Sher, and Terence Horgan respectively.

Video Guide:
00:00 Introduction
01:32 Strong and Moderate Pluralism
04:40 Strong and Moderate Monism
06:03 Pluralism vs Monism
10:26 Discourse Pluralism
13:45 Crispin Wright and Platitudes
24:08 Weight Adding Platitudes
29:34 Objections to Discourse Pluralism
37:04 Correspondence Pluralism
42:49 Blobject Correspondence Pluralism
44:54 Objections to Correspondence Pluralism
47:47 Objections to Pluralism

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