Pragmatism (William James and Charles Sanders Peirce)

An explication of the position known as pragmatism as offered by William James and Charles Sanders Peirce (correction: the last name should be pronounced “purse” not “pierce”). Including the distinction between the tough minded and the tender minded, the squirrel analogy, and an extensive debate between pragmatism and skepticism.

00:00 Introduction
01:35 The Tough Minded and The Tender Minded
03:52 Did the man go around the squirrel?
05:59 Peirce’s (pronounced purse) Pragmatism
09:42 James’s Expedient Way of Thinking
13:37 Pragmatism vs Skepticism
15:00 Peirce vs Skepticism
18:18 The Skeptic’s Response to Peirce
37:59 James vs Skepticism
39:27 The Skeptic’s Response to James
46:13 Rationalists and Pragmatists

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