Saint Study: St Augustine of Hippo

Feast Day August 28: Come with us to learn about Aurelisu Augustinus—a man who rebelled against his Christian mother and lived the “high life,” but who “came home” to his Christian roots after decades of spiritual exploration. St. Augustine of Hippo lived during a time of Catholic persecution even though the Edict of Milan (issued in 313 A.D. jointly by the Co-Emperors Constantine Augustus, Emperor of the West, and Licinius Augustus, Emperor of the East) legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire. Because of his God-given gift of intellect and discernment, St. Augustine of Hippo is perhaps the most important Early Church Father; certainly, many of us can identify with his struggles and questions presented in his autobiography. Adults and students in middle and high school who are studying ancient Rome or Medieval Europe will be especially interested in this saint study.

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