The Correspondence Theory of Truth

An explication of the most common theory of truth known as the correspondence theory of truth. Including basic fact theory, State of affairs theory, Meinongian Fact Theory, Mis-correspondence Fact Theory, Isomorphic theories of correspondence, Logical Atomism, Logical Subatomism. Also included are several objections to each of these positions.

Table of Contents:
00:00 Introduction
01:50 Truthbearers and Truthmakers
03:01 Basic Fact Theory
03:55 State of Affairs Theory
07:07 Meinongian Fact Theory
08:33 Mis-Correspondence Fact Theory
09:20 Objections Round 1
12:10 Isomorphism
16:36 Logical Atomism
18:55 Logical Subatomism
25:35 Objections Round 2
32:11 Conclusion

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