The Deflationary Theory of Truth

A full description of various versions of the deflationary theory of truth, including sententialist and propositionalist interpretations of the theory, as well as analytic, materialist, and necessary interpretations. We will also consider the question of whether or not truth is a property according to these theories, as well as Expressivism and The Prosentential Theory of Truth. Here is a guide:
00:00 Introduction
02:40 Names for Deflationary Theories
03:56 Origins of Deflation
05:21 Sententialists vs Propositionalists
08:44 Analytic vs Material vs Necessary
09:14 The Analytic Interpretation
11:52 The Material Interpretation
14:41 The Necessary Interpretation
16:50 Six Deflationist Positions
18:00 Objections Round 1
24:02 Is Truth a Property?
28:56 Expressivism
29:42 The Prosentential Theory of Truth
31:28 The Deflationary Theory of Falsehood
32:08 Objections Round 2
32:39 The Truthbearer Dilemma
35:14 The Correspondence Intuition
38:12 Truth Value Gaps
41:34 Primitivism
42:50 Conclusion

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