The Mereology of Representation & Kant

It seems that physical objects have parts, but in what sense do mental representations have parts? In this talk, Jessica Leech discusses this and related questions through the work of Immanuel Kant and the framework of intuitions and concepts.

This talk was given by Jessica Leech in March 2016 at the University of London, as part of the Aristotelian Society. Jessica Leech is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. Her research interests, contemporary and historical, center around the topic of modality. She has written on topics in the metaphysics of modality such as relative necessity, and on the nature of logical laws. In her writing she has also explored what Kant had to say about modality, and issues arising from that. She is in the final stages of writing a book that attempts to draw out Kant’s views on modality, and apply them to contemporary issues in the metaphysics of modality.

About The Author

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