Truthmakers and Truthbearers

A video explaining what truthmakers and truthbearers (sentences propositions, beliefs etc.) are, but also explicating several problems and objections to various theories of truthmakers and truthbearers. Including the Virtue theory of truthmakers, the entailment theory of truthmakers, the axiomatic theory of truthmakers, the grounding theory of truthmakers and more! Also included here is a description of several positions regarding truthbearers including Maximalism and Optimalism.

This is a long video, so here’s a guide:
00:00 Introduction
01:17 Truthbearer Basics
04:15 Truthmaker Theories
04:41 Virtue Theory
05:25 Entailment Theory
11:41 Necessitation Theory
14:09 Projection Theory
16:03 Essentialism Theory
17:46 Axiomatic Theory
20:00 Grounding Theory
23:53 Truthbearer Theories
24:36 Maximalism
34:04 Optimalism
35:30 Truth Supervenes on Being

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