Naming & Necessity – Kripke’s Argument Against The Identity Theory of Mind (Scott Soames)

In his famous work “Naming and Necessity”, Saul Kripke presents an argument against the materialist’s identity theory of mind. Much of the argument depends on conclusions drawn earlier in his work regarding the nature of language, and how reference and identity function. In this discussion, Scott Soames and others discuss Kripke’s work and his argument against the identity theory of mind. Much time is spent discussing the underlying philosophical ideas and assumptions at work involving the nature of language and thought, including the notion of identity, the a priori, necessity & possibility, conceivability, meaning, reference, essentialism, etc.

If you don’t know anything about Kripke’s work, this might be hard to follow. In any case, this roundtable discussion is from the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies. It was organized by the Department of the History of Foreign Philosophy at the Moscow State University. Among the participants there were Scott Soames, Vadim Vasilyev, Dmitry Volkov, Peter Kusliy, Victor Gorbatov, A. Potapov. For more information, go to

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