Socrates’ Divine Mission in Plato’s Apology – Philosophy Core Concepts

This is a video in my new Core Concepts series — designed to provide students and lifelong learners a brief discussion focused on one main concept from a classic philosophical text and thinker.

This Core Concept video focuses on Plato’s dialogue, the Apology, and discusses Socrates’ claim that he is, quite literally “on a mission from God,” i.e. that his activity of doing philosophy in the city of Athens is a response to a divine calling, in this case the attempt to understand the Oracle of Delphi.

Socrates argues that since he has been assigned the tasks of testing the knowledge of his fellow citizens by questioning them, and urging them to take care of their souls, he would be deserting a divine duty were he to stop doing so because it made him unpopular or exposed him to the threat of death

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