Understanding Anger Lecture 5 – Emperors and Slaves Above the Passions: Stoic Philosophers

This is the fifth of twelve monthly lectures and discussions in a new series, led by Dr. Gregory B. Sadler at the historic Kingston Public Library. Each of the lectures focuses on a set of perspectives on anger, coming from ancient or medieval texts in literature, philosophy, or religion.

The series continues with an examination of another systematic philosophical treatment of anger and related phenomena, that articulated by the Stoic school of Philosophy. The Stoics were one of the strongest opponents of the Aristotelian school, arguing that anger played no positive role in moral life.

We discuss the historical development of the Stoic school and their key ethical doctrines. We then turn to examining three key Late Stoic thinkers who discuss anger — Seneca (who writes an entire book, On Anger), Epictetus, and the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius

Several other videos on Stoicism and anger from Stoic Week 2014:

Seneca on anger:

Epictetus on anger:

Marcus Aurelius on anger:

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